Abbie Hart

My primary medium is photographic practice, bringing together traditional and alternative photographic techniques such as photoemulsion or large format photography with contemporary and developing technologies.

A deep fascination with traditional photographic techniques is ingrained within my practice, creating nostalgic and visually challenging 2D print based media as well as photographic sculpture. Applying influences from psychological and scientific theorist such as Isaac Newton’s ‘Laws of motion’ and Jaques Lacan’s ‘mirror phase’, my work seeks to reflect upon my own history and experiences alongside exploring human interaction, within the context of therapeutic and autobiographical themes.

Jenni Bea

I am a conceptual artist using visual language to express thoughts and emotions around a range of topics – usually with autobiographical content. The creative process & physical outcome provide a therapeutic release & visual journal. My style is experimental & diverse – a reflection of my chaotic thought processes. My aim is not to produce traditionally aesthetic imagery, but to communicate, inspire, challenge thinking & create discussion.

Jack Florish

I am an Interactive Artist.

I use a semi-autobiographical approach.

My work is experiential yet also conceptual. 

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FUBAR Collective
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